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    Love the sketch, The Tilda is so cute, love all the new one's they have brought out, they just keep getting better. The papers you have used are gorgeous. Love Sandra x

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    Yeah  Im there, sadly, with Cars 2 and my 3yo. He is obsessed with his hotwheels, why not watch Cars movie? Until he starts saying I want to kill somebody at random times. We are back to innocent and annoying with Little Einsteins and Curious George DVDs.

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    I agree with the majority. This is a bad move. It doesn't do anything to enhance privacy or security for the searchers, and simply makes it harder for us to improve our sites. I'm not a happy camper. Evil Google.

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    Shirley,I appreciate your example and it is really helpful to look at these issues from all sides. Still,I have to honor the feelings of those who may feel insulted or made fun of, even if the perpetuators meant no harm. Remember that old adage, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Even if somebody isnt meaning to hurt, the pain felt is still real.Is there a solution there? No. Just another way to think about it.

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    There is also, though, the fact that we are hearing his symptoms apparently returned over the weekend, after he had seemed to be doing better. that is not something that sounds good. Whatever happens with the 49ers, I hope the kid is okay. If not this Sunday, then by the following week.Id rather have two good QBs going into the playoffs, than one who got the position by default.

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    Levei um susto enorme quando minha vó soltou uma observação preconceituosa, há alguns anos. Tá entre aspas porque para ela aquilo era absolutamente normal, coitada, coisa de criação mesmo. Nem devia saber o que era preconceito, a pobre.Tratar criados e negros de modo estúpido era comum no início do século passado, infelizmente. E isso mesmo entre famílias que se diziam nobres e cultas (o que não era o caso da minha).

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    Mmm kagen blev god! Men frostningen blev mindre god :/ den var ikke hvid og så havde konsistensen sådan fn marcipan agtig ?Og jeg har gjort nøjagtig som du har skrevet.. Er det laffepulver der skal i eller rigtig kaffe drik? :/ jeg kom kaffe pulver i :/

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