Xylem - Sanitaire Aeration Equipment

Sanitaire Aeration Equipment

Largest Performance Data Base in the Industry Substantiates Aeration System Design

  • Fine bubble diffused aeration
  • Full floor coverage
  • Flexible aeration range
  • Highly efficient aeration transfer
  • Can achieve 4-6 kg O2/kWh in clean water
  • Will guarantee aeration efficiency
Xylem - Sanitaire Aeration Equipment

Significant Cost Savings Gained Through Efficient Design of Aeration System and Control

Xylem - Sanitaire Aeration Equipment

Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers

Mechanical Features

  • Advanced membrane material engineered for domestic and industrial applications
  • Resistant to material property changes
  • Piping system accommodates thermal expansion and contraction
  • Fixed Joints prevent air leakage, pipe separation, and distributor rollover
Xylem - Sanitaire Aeration Equipment


  • Pre-assembled - no drilling or gluing on site
  • Spline connections
  • No twisting first time alignment
  • Easy install supports & leveling
Xylem - Sanitaire Aeration Equipment
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